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A Country Scrap Book

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A Country Scrap Book
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Chiltern Woodlands

It's just what it says it is, a scrap-book. Those bits and pieces, odds and sods that don't quite fit in anywhere else, but that we feel are too good to pass up. Once more that, riotous crew, that merry band of hugely talented players, Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band are with us, for this stage of the the continuing journey. This is a staging area, you might say, the tour guide for the rest of the journey. There are some lovely areas of the English landscape, that you'll find, using the links, and a little shameless self promotion of some of our other websites, or as we prefer to see it, linking all of the Albion Cycle websites together, to, we hope, give you a fairly well rounded picture of England, as we see it, whether rural or urban
A wonderful, magical place, no matter what the season of the year, so, in the words of  John Tams, that esteemed English song writer, "Let the critics sneer and prattle, give St. George some fighting room." Ready to be off, then?

No Roses. Shirley Collins and  Albion Country Band

the band and the shopping
arcade for which they are named.
from our The Albion Chronicles website


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