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Band Of Hope

Ragged Heroes
Rise Up Like The Sun
Songs Of Hope
Tunes Of Glory
Half-Remembered Albion Hymns
A Country Scrap Book
This Green & Pleasant Land
This Albion Village
Another Albion Daughter
Literary Heritage
Will I See Thee More
Lost Empires
Everyday Films
Ampleforth/Lay Me Low
The Gresford Disaster
Fairport Un-Convention-al
Angel Delight
John "Babbacombe" Lee
Band Of Hope
Georgia On Our Minds
Ralph Vaughan Williams.
Musical Traditions
Adventures In The Tradition
Poor Old Horse
Son Of Morris On
The Transports
The Transports II
Ragged Links

Rhythm and Reds
Band of Hope



Roy Bailey: vocals;
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar;
Steáfán Hannigan: uillean pipes, half long pipes, whistle, wood whistle, percussion, bodhran, cittern;
John Kirkpatrick: vocals, button accordion, melodeon;
Dave Swarbrick: fiddle, mandolin

Tracks 1a-c, 11 Trad. arr. Band of Hope
Tracks 1d, 4 Robb Johnson pub Moose Music
Track 2 Jack Warshaw
Track 3 John Pole
Track 5 Tom Robinson pub Notting Hill Music
Track 6 Si Kahn pub Joe Hill Music
Track 7 Dave Swarbrick pub Island Music
Track 8 Leon Rosselson
Track 9 Bill Prince
Track 10 John Connolly

© Band of Hope 1994
Recorded and mixed at Panda Sound, North Dalton
Engineer: Ray Williams
Produced and mixed Joen Eeles of Spadger Sound, Hartpury, Gloucestershire
Design: Stefan Boberek
Cover painting: Brian Lewis

Manchester Band of Hope [click for larger image]
© copyright bfi. used here for educational purposes only

Rhythm and Reds. © Band of Hope 1994
MFCD 512 (CD, UK, 1994)

Nonesuch/The Cheshire Rounds/The Lancashire Hornpipe/Boxing Day (7:45)

If They Come in the Morning (5:42)

See It Come Down (3:10)

Ballad of Vic Williams (3:12)

Blood Brother (3:14)

Send Me Back to Georgia (4:44)

Carthy's March / The Lemon Tree (4:26)

Who Reaps the Profit? Who Pays the Price? (10:23)

Nottingham Captain (4:47)

The Last Ploughshare (5:05)

Hard Times of Old England (3:54)

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