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Rise Up Like The Sun

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Rise Up Like The Sun
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Come And See The Changing Of The Ways

The Royal Forest Of Dean Special Status

A collection of things English, we suppose is a good enough definition for Anglicana. At the same time it is also a part of the continuing journey through the landscape of England, that began with our Albion Heart website.

We have nothing against Wales, Scotland and Ireland, but much has already been written, and continues to be written about The Celtic Experience, much of it, we are afraid to say, absolute rubbish, the reality of anything, in most cases is far more interesting than the myth, a case in point is a small side trip into North Wales, that we're going to make, to the village of Gresford, near Wrexham. It was here, in 1934 that a terrible mining disaster took place, which has been memorialised in a song called The Gresford Disaster which appears on a couple of Albion Band records, in varying lengths and in a couple of different arrangements, we'll be taking a look at the background to the disaster and at the disaster itself. To get back on track for a moment, over-romanticisation is a major factor in studies of Celtic life. Now don't get us wrong, we're not saying this doesn't happen in any study of England's past, and present, it does, and its a pit-fall we will try to avoid on this website. Part of the myth, in examining any culture, is to long for a past that never existed, and some cases the longing can be so strong, that people do actually end up believing that the past they long for actually did exist. There are a number of websites on England, and English ways, out there on the Internet, that have fallen into this trap and consequently their content should be treated with absolute caution.

Rise Up Like The Sun: Ragged Heroes is, as the line from the song you hear playing says, aware of the changing of the ways, and it is those changes that we will be charting, as well as places, characters, and times, the joys and the tragedies, that are all part and parcel, and of course, we mustn't forget the music, bought to you, in this, and many other cases, by the usual band of suspects, our Ragged Heroes.

Well, its that time again. We think that you could spend a life time travelling through England and never see all that there is to see, but we can't say we didn't try; now can we?

The unusual has always been the watchword on our previous travels, as witnessed if you click on the links to our other websites on the landscape of England, and Anglicana will be no different in that prospect. Literary is a word that will appear often here, we'll be looking at the literary heritage of the West Midlands, and a literary look at London, through the eyes of Mr. Dickens and other sundry and diverse characters and writers. We're going to pay a visit to Ampleforth Abbey, a beautiful and tranquil place in the north of England, their website is chest of wonders unto itself. So many places to visit, so many folk to meet, so little time.... We're off...You coming?

Oh.... and don't pay any attention to the band of players and musicians, they're always with us... off we go!
a note: Three new pages have been added to th site plus a bit of a new look on most of the pages (we hope you like). All the pages are of the musical video variety consisting of one live performance of John McCuskers beautiful song Will I See Thee More?  by John Tams and Barry Coope and two really great  tracks from Rise Up Like The Sun by The Albion Band,. Poor Old Horse and Ampleforth/Lay Me Low. What with the new look and all we hope to be adding more new pages as we go along.

Albion: Sure As The Sunrise

   Ragged Heroes
(John Tams)
Songs of hope and tunes of glory
Half remembered Albion hymns
Rise up Saint George and tell the story
This is where your song begins

Leave the drunkard to his bottle
And leave the prophet to his doom
Let the critics sneer and prattle
Give Saint George some fighting room

Come, come, throw a penny on the drum
A penny for the passing of the days
Run, run, and see the setting of the sun
Come and see the changing of the ways

Where are all the ragged heroes?
Buried in their suits of iron
Withered rose lies on the headstone
Will it bloom a second time?

Come come and throw a penny on the drum
A penny for the passing of the hour
Run, run, and see the rising of the sun
Come and see the blooming of the flower

Throw a penny piece, a penny on the drum
And the withered rose will rise up like the sun

Pete Bullock - synthesiser, piano, clarinet, baritone saxophone, organ
Michael Gregory - drums, nakers, tambourine
Ashley Hutchings - electric bass
Dave Mattacks - drums, tambourine
Simon Nicol - vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar
Phil Pickett - shawms, bagpipes, curtals, trumpet
Ric Sanders - violin, violectra
John Tams - vocals, melodeon
Graeme Taylor - electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Martin Carthy contributes backing vocals
only, on tracks 1, 2, 5 and 8.

One of Musical Tradition's Famous Pictures
Ragged Heroes : A Harp Band. A lovely image from the streets of London, circa 1880


the tune you heard
as you entered:
Ragged Heroes
from Rise Up Like The Sun
by the Albion Band

Ragged Heroes

Poor Old Horse

Afro Blue/Danse Royale

Ampleforth/Lay Me Low

Time To Ring Some Changes

House In The Country

The Primrose

Gresford Disaster

The CD re-release has 4 extra tracks

The Postman's Knock

Pain And Paradise

Lay Me Low

Rainbow Over The Hill

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 The Albion Cycle

Rise Up Like The Sun
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