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Ampleforth/Lay Me Low

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The Albion Band

John Tams. lead vocals


the chorus

Julie Covington

Pat Donaldson

Richard Thompson

Kate McGarrigle

Linda Thompson



Pete Bullock, synthesiser, piano, clarinet, baritone saxophone, organ;
Michael Gregory, drums, nakers, tambourine;
Ashley Hutchings, electric bass;
Dave Mattacks, drums, tambourine;
Simon Nicol, vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar;
Phil Pickett, shawms, bagpipes, curtals, trumpet;
Ric Sanders, violin, violectra;
John Tams, vocals, melodeon;
Graeme Taylor, electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Lay Me Low

(trad. arr. John Tams)

Lay me low, lay me low, lay me low

Where no-one can see me

Where no-one can find me

Where no-one can hurt me


Show me the way, help me to say

All that I need to

All that I needed you gave me

All that I wanted you made me

When I stumbled you saved me


Lay me low...

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