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This Sceptered Isle. history @ The BBC

Goldhill, Shaftsbury, Dorset. England

At over 750 feet above sea level, it is the height of the land at Shaftesbury that has been the determining factor in its history. It was the Saxons who first founded a hilltop town here because of its strategic position overlooking the surrounding countryside. For the same reason King Alfred, of burnt cakes fame, made Shaftesbury a defended town in the 9th Century, after his defeat of the Vikings. He was so confident in its geographical security that he founded an Abbey for his daughter here......and so the history of this beautiful Dorset village begins, and so, we begin our exploration of Shaftsbury. There's a gallery to view the village, the town council are very likely in session, a community awareness programme, The Swans Trust, lots of information for the tourists, the online learning site, Shaftsbury On can download views of Shaftsbury for the desktop of your computer.....Enjoy!

Shaftesbury, Dorset, England

a long and varied one it is

Founded in 888 AD by
Shaftesbury Abbey, a Benedictine
community for women, was to act
as the catalyst for the prosperity of
the town and surrounding area for
651 years. The excavated
foundations of this once important
and influential Abbey lie in
a peaceful walled garden
- a lasting reminder of the Abbey's
eventful past.

This site has been setup 
to encourage the local community
 to come forward with ideas
and projects that will improve
the lifestyle of local society.

North Dorset District Council

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