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Ragged Links

Ragged Heroes
Rise Up Like The Sun
Songs Of Hope
Tunes Of Glory
Half-Remembered Albion Hymns
A Country Scrap Book
This Green & Pleasant Land
This Albion Village
Another Albion Daughter
Literary Heritage
Will I See Thee More
Lost Empires
Everyday Films
Ampleforth/Lay Me Low
The Gresford Disaster
Fairport Un-Convention-al
Angel Delight
John "Babbacombe" Lee
Band Of Hope
Georgia On Our Minds
Ralph Vaughan Williams.
Musical Traditions
Adventures In The Tradition
Poor Old Horse
Son Of Morris On
The Transports
The Transports II
Ragged Links

A guide to the folk and acoustic scene in the UK

History, Nature and Other Animals

Squirrels @ The BBC

 A Right Old Knees Up

The English Folk Dance and
Song Society
Directory of the Folk Arts

Natural History Bookshop
Foyles, actually.


a sustainable community
Brithdir Mawr is a farm
of 165 acres in Pembrokeshire,
West Wales, UK,
 that houses an intentional
community of 20 people
working towards sustainability,
simplicity and spirit, and
 wishing to share their
 aim with others.
(Brithdir Mawr means, in Welsh,
Great Speckled Land.)
While this not in England, we
feel it is worthwhile site.


Alfred John West F.R.G.S.
- Film Pioneer

More Folks

a very, very fine voice

They perform a Fusion
of Traditional, Medieval
and Original Music
from the British Isles
and far beyond.

National Trails


North Downs Way

Pennine Way


South Downs Way

South West Coast Path

Thames Path

Wolds Way

Wadworth Brewery

Other Heroes

come on in and
meet Father Abbot

Recipe Source

And This

a very strange and tragic

hyperion "Britain's brightest record label"

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